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I am Embry Peeples owner of Gas 2 U. I am the father to Easton and Kam, husband of Nyia Peeples. I created Gas 2 U to create time for families to be together more. I noticed a trend with my wife, who is a realtor that does quite a bit of driving, she'd call to let me know how much she hated pumping gas. After the third or fourth time it hit me...How can I bring gas to you? I spent a few months doing tons of research on On-demand fuel companies like Yoshi, Filld, and Boost. How would we be different? I am a 29-year-old African American that has not ever heard of those companies until my research began. That being said I want to bring gas to the other African Americans that had no idea On-demand fuel was an option. I reside in South Fulton a new city in Atlanta. We are bringing gas to you, South Fulton! I look forward to meeting you at your first refill.


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Embry Peeples


Never let your dreams out measure your will.


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